By combining mobile robotics and medical imaging, BA Healthcare and GE Healthcare revolutionized interventional radiology.

From the industry to the medical world

Leader in intralogistics solutions with AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles), BA Systèmes is well-known in Europe and has renowned customers’ references like L’Oréal, FrieslandCampina, Clairefontaine, Pfizer, Merck, Heineken, Air France, etc. Since 2007, BA Systèmes has been involved in an Open Innovation approach to implement its expertise in mobile robotics in favor of new applications making the most of its expertise in robotics technology.
It is within this context, that in 2009, GENERAL ELECTRIC HEALTHCARE sought BA Systèmes to co-develop the automated mobile base for the Discovery IGS 730. Following the success of this project, BA Systèmes created a dedicated company for healthcare activities: BA Healthcare.

Discovery: A commercial success beyond the industrial one

While involved in the products development with its partner, GE Healtcare, BA Healthcare mass-products the mobile base of the Discovery IGS 730 in its factory in Mordelles (Brittany, France). This robotic medical imaging system is now used by hospitals worldwide (University Hospital of Lille (FR), Saint Luke University Hospital (USA), etc.)

A new approach for gait rehabilitation

The idea emerged to design an automatic mobile system that could help a patient to walk again in collaboration with clinicians from the functional rehabilitation center of Rennes University hospital and of Kerpape. With ROBO-K, BA Healthcare offers an optimal rehabilitation for patients suffering from walk deficiency, thanks to a weight support system and a real-time biofeedback provided to therapists to adapt each exercise to the patient’s progress. With this new product, the patients are free to walk wherever and whenever they want in the rehabilitation center.

BA Healthcare a growing company

Today, BA Healthcare is:

  • 30 employees,
  • Engineers trained to the medical field,
  • An ISO 9001 :2015 certified company,
  • A certified research organization,
  • 3000m2 production area.