Innovatives – SHS Fair highlights Robo-K

BA Systèmes and the University of Rennes 2, both partners in Robo-K project, present at Innovatives SHS Fair, the autonomous robot for gait training.

Organized by the Institute of humanities and social sciences of the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), the Innovatives SHS Fair, that will take place on May 17 & 18, 2017, in Marseille (FR) at Palais de l’Europe, promotes activities of valorization and transfer of human and social sciences researches. This event illustrates the ability of research teams to meet society’s expectations by encouraging the transfer of their results to major industrial groups, SMEs, local authorities and associations.

Robot autonome de rééducation de la marche

Gathering BA Systèmes, CEA List, Rennes University Hospital, CRPPC/LAUREPS of the University of Rennes 2, CMRRF of Kerpape and Invensense, Robo-K project aims at designing and developing a mobile robot for gait training. Focusing on the practitioners’ activity and involving their mobilization throughout the innovation process, the project enabled the implementation of a dynamic of co-design, leading to the filing of patents involving all technical, clinical and academic partners. This robotic system takes part in the daily practice of physiotherapists or in the organization of health care.

BA Healthcare, which designed the two demonstrators of the Robo-K project, has been much involved, for several years, in research projects and collaborative innovation, placing at the heart of its approach the human and the understanding of the environment in which robots operate. Robo-k is the perfect illustration of a successful combination of skills and know-how between mobile robotics and humanities.



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