From the idea to the product


A controlled and ISO 9001:2008 certified design process

BA Healthcare designs and develop in parallel the product, the manufacturing process and the associated services. Maintenance, upgrading and functionalities extension are recurrent sources of financing for mechatronics development-based projects.

Used to work in design to cost mode, our project managers make sure that the implemented technical solutions respect, throughout the design process, the given targets of development costs and the future mass production ones in accordance with the standards related to the future device category.

Borrowing from agile software design technics, we realize throughout the project different layouts and prototypes, of progressive maturity levels, thus allowing progressive validation of the technical choices on a real object.

The components of our systems

Our products share several technological components, including:

  • Autonomous guidance system,
  • Supervision software for mobile base fleets,
  • Real-time analysis software for patients’ data (biofeedbacks),
  • Low-level controllers,
  • Power-driven turrets,
  • Real-time machine control software (middleware),
  • Supervision and tasks planning software,
  • Patients’ data recording software.

Our application fields

We apply our expertise in autonomous mobile base design to various medical applications:

  • Interventional radiology,
  • Gait rehabilitation,
  • People autonomy,
  • Etc.