BA Healthcare, sharing innovation

BA Healthcare has a production line dedicated to the medical field, flexible and LEAN thanks to a proactive approach conducted with the support of GE Healthcare.

  • BA Healthcare is ISO 9001:2015 certified,
  • Control process are implemented at the beginning and at each key stage of the production,
  • Dedicated metrology means.

Efficiency and total quality

Part of the product design, we implement the industrialization process with the dual objective of efficiency and quality including small series. For a simple process, our teams are meant to produce quickly and do it well.

The components, the subsets and the products control process which are defined at the industrialization stage with the support of the quality department, ensures the quality of the products delivered to the customers. From Poka Yoke work places to systematic functional checks, the manufacturing department is involved to guarantee a total quality to its customers.

Supply chain control

Sharing with the industrial field, most of the components used, we benefit from the scale effect on orders and knowledge of our suppliers. We regularly call to our local economic players, thus ensuring both responsiveness and supplies control.

“This is another successful example of shared innovation that is at the heart of the GE’s development model. Seeking and creating virtuous ecosystems through partnerships with SMEs, other major companies or public research centers, allows us to imagine, design and implement the solutions of tomorrow. The results of our innovation barometer, recently published, confirm it: 86% of the surveyed decision makers, the co-development represents a differentiating advantage to innovate.” Clara Gaymard, Chairman of General Electric France.