Mobile base for Discovery IGS

Our robotic solution is integrated and marketed by GENERAL ELECTRIC HEALTHCARE
Realization : Development, industrialization then mass production of an omnidirectional self-guided mobile base supporting a 3D radiology system.


Status: Marketed product

Users: CHU de Lille, St. Luke’s University Hospital, …

BA Healthcare assets:

  • Quick understanding of the market requirements,
  • Short development,
  • Proven expertise in robust and precise guidance.


  • An omnidirectional mobile base able to position itself to the nearest millimeter,
  • Serial product,
  • Following the medical standards.

More about the Discovery
Presentation video of the Discovery

ROBO-K (FUI 13): Mobile device for gait rehabilitation

Equipped with a controlled suspension system, ROBO-K helps limit the patient’s fatigue and speed his recovery.

Realization: Design, production then tests of an autonomous device for gait rehabilitation.

Status: under development

Main features:

  • Regulated weight support of the patient,
  • Real-time biofeedback, adaptation and progression of the exercises,
  • Risks reduction of Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) for the medical staff.

BA Healthcare assets:

  • Collecting needs among the clinical partners, market understanding,
  • Ability to manage a scientific and industrial project meeting both the requirements of the medical professionals and the technical constraints,
  • Design, integration and implementation of an innovative medical device,
  • Setting up and management of the collaborative project.

More about ROBO-K
ROBO-K report on video


VHIPOD (ANR-TECSAN 2012): Improve the autonomy at home

Vehicle for Standing Transportation
Individual vehicle for conveying people upright. Self-balanced, it is intended for people with reduced mobility aiming at facilitating their autonomy.

Realization: Design and implementation of an individual transport vehicle in a standing position with assistance for the sitting/standing passage for elderly or disabled people.

Status: Ongoing project

Main features:

  • Overcome the disabilities of individual movements in an aging population,
  • Extend the autonomy, the socialization and preserve the elderly or disabled people,
  • An electric vehicle able to function inside and outside.

BA Healthcare assets:

  • Design and implementation of a test bench,
  • Design, integration and realization of a device for the autonomy.

More about VHIPOD